Multi Clipboard

Multi Clipboard 22.03

It gives you qwick access to thousands of bits and pieces of information

Multi Clipboard is a nice utility designed to handle some frequently used text in a quicker way. The tool is a freeware program designed by Johannes Wallroth. Although it lacks the installer for the program, and it actually never reaches the Windows registry, this tool is useful in certain situations.

Multi Clipboard gives you three sets of nine active clipboards where you can write or paste any kind of text you want. Each set of nine clipboards will be saved in one of the three text files it can handle. The program allows you to access the text in any of these clipboards by using hotkeys, which, regrettably, cannot be changed – therefore, you always have to use Ctrl+Numpad numbers, which may not be a good thing when using a laptop computer. Besides, there is no possibility of adding more slots, just from 1 to 9, and although most people will not need those many clipboards, some people might need more than nine.

There are plenty of jobs where this kind of program is useful, though it is omehow limited. In the end, this is a free program, so you will not have to spend any cash regardless of how much you like it.

Ismael Mireles
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Review summary


  • Up to nine simultaneous clipboards available
  • Compact application


  • No installation program included
  • There is no way to expand the number of clipboards
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